what is momentum™?

Momentum™ is essential business insurance for Amazon sellers. Whether you sell widgets or gadgets, if you are an online seller you can’t afford to be shut down by an account suspension. That’s why you need Momentum™.

Think of it this way: If you had a brick and mortar store and a pipe burst, water damage might cause you to temporarily close your store.  While your store was closed, your business insurance policy would kick in to cover the repairs and loss of business.

As an Amazon seller, you may not be worried about floods or fires, but that doesn’t mean your store can’t be shut down. When your account is suspended, you need an insurance policy that has your back while you work on reinstating your account and getting back to business.



Coverage for as
low as $250 annually

Momentum™ covers you and your business for:

Income loss during a suspension

Your costs to hire a reinstatement specialist to help with your appeal

Your costs to hire a tax expert during a tax audit

Intrigued? Let’s look at the numbers:

Insurance for as low as $250 annually

Coverage for up to $1,000,000

Up to $25,000 for
reinstatement support

Forget what you think you know about insurance. If what keeps you up at night is the thought of losing business, Momentum™ insurance is for you.


About Momentum™ 

What is Momentum™?
Momentum™ from NAS Insurance is essential business insurance that provides coverage for Amazon sellers if their selling privileges are removed or suspended by Amazon.

Why do I need Momentum™?
Your online selling privileges can be removed for a multitude of reasons. If you are suspended, you lose the opportunity for new sales, and the costs to reinstate your account can add up quickly. Momentum covers these financial losses and helps you get back to business.

How much does Momentum™ cost?
Our policies start as low as $250 annually. Your annual premium will depend on several factors including your annual gross sales and the amount of coverage you want. To get a better idea of your estimated annual premium, you can use our handy coverage calculator here.

Who is NAS Insurance?
NAS Insurance, a leader in cyber liability insurance, has over 40 years of experience creating innovative specialty insurance products. We are backed by the financial strength of Lloyd’s of London. You can learn more about NAS Insurance here.

Who is Lloyd’s of London?
Lloyd’s has been a pioneer in insurance and has grown over 325 years to become the world’s leading specialist insurance market. NAS Insurance is a Lloyd’s coverholder, and our company benefits from Lloyd’s financial strength and robust capitalization. Lloyd’s reliability is reflected in its ratings from AM Best: A (excellent) Class XV, from Standard & Poor’s: A+ (strong), and from Fitch: AA- (very strong).

Application and Coverage

What does my policy cover?
Momentum™ reimburses you for financial losses incurred during an account suspension and covers your costs to hire a reinstatement specialist. Additionally, Momentum™ covers your costs to hire a tax practitioner during a tax audit.

Will I be covered for more than one suspension?
Your Momentum™ insurance policy will cover multiple suspensions during the policy period. However, if there is more than one suspension for the same reason or cause, then your policy will only pay for losses and expenses incurred in the initial suspension.

I’m not comfortable applying for insurance online. Is there an agent I can talk to?
Our online application process is safe and secure. But you can always reach our agents at 877-301-7044, and our agency will be happy to assist you with the application process.

Is there a waiting period or a deductible I must pay before coverage is activated?
Your Momentum™ insurance policy has a 5-day waiting period for Suspension Loss, a $250 deductible for Suspension Appeal Expenses, and a $250 deductible for Tax Audit Expenses.

How can I purchase a policy?
We’re so glad you asked! You can apply here, chat with an agent or call 877-301-7044.

Is coverage available outside the United States?
Currently, we do not offer coverage for sellers located outside of the United States.

What online vendors/marketplaces are covered?
Currently, we only offer coverage for US-based entities with selling accounts on Amazon.com.  However, we may extend coverage to other online platforms in the future.

What if I have multiple selling accounts on Amazon.com?
Your Momentum™ insurance policy may cover multiple selling accounts (Merchant ID/Token). Please contact our agency for more information.

Where can I find my Merchant ID (Seller ID)?
Your Merchant ID (Seller ID) should be a 14-digit alphanumeric character (i.e. A123B4CDEFGHI5).
You can find your Seller ID in Amazon Seller Central, under Settings > User Permissions. Scroll down to view your Seller ID under Your Account Information.


What happens if I get suspended? How do I submit a claim?
If your account gets suspended, it must be reported to us no later than 5 days after you first receive written notice of the suspension.  You can file a claim by filling out our online form, or by calling our claims experts at 888-627-8995.

If my account is suspended, do I need to use a reinstatement specialist to activate coverage?
No, you are not required to hire a reinstatement specialist, but you do have complete freedom of choice if you decide to use a reinstatement specialist. Momentum™ insurance will cover the financial loss you sustain during a suspension, subject to policy terms and conditions.

How is my financial loss during a suspension calculated?
Check out our claims example here to learn more about how to calculate financial loss.

Will you appoint a reinstatement specialist or tax audit practitioner, or can I select my own?
You are free to choose any reinstatement specialist or tax expert, and your costs will be reimbursed by Momentum™ insurance, subject to policy terms and conditions. We can also provide a list of preferred reinstatement specialists upon request.