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How Momentum Works

Jamie, an online seller of tech accessories, lost $40,000 in less than three weeks after Amazon suspended her account. Here’s what happened:

On December 1st, Jamie received a notice from Amazon that her selling privileges had been suspended because of buyer complaints about the condition of items she sold. She reported the claim to a Momentum™ claims examiner as soon as possible. She also hired a reinstatement specialist for $5,000 to help draft an appeal letter and plan of action. Jamie submitted her appeal to Amazon and received a response one week later requesting additional information. After submitting the requested information, her selling privileges were reinstated on December 21st.

The inability to sell for twenty days coupled with the cost to hire a reinstatement specialist results in a significant financial loss to Jamie’s business.

Jamie’s Suspension Loss Limit:  $100,000
Waiting Period: 5 days
Period of Indemnity: 20 days
Daily Suspension Loss:
(average daily net business income)
Total Amount of Suspension Loss:
(average daily net business income x 20 days)
Amount of Loss Payable: 
($40,000 – 5 days)
Jamie’s Suspension Appeal Limit: $10,000
Deductible: $250
Total Suspension Appeal Expenses: $5,000
Suspension Appeal Expenses Payable: 
($5,000 – $250)
Total Claim Payment:   $34,750

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